Windows 11 preview restores the classic control panel settings for “Network Connections”

Microsoft has been on a mission to eliminate any legacy Windows, and one of its goals is the Classic Control Panel, which Microsoft is gradually replacing with new, modern versions in Windows Settings.

Previously, Microsoft downgraded the Network Connections (ncpa.cpl) control panel in Windows 11 preview builds, redirecting any attempts to open it to the Advanced Network Settings screen.

The Classic Control Panel hasn’t actually been removed, but Microsoft has effectively removed access to these programs.

However, in the latest Windows 11 preview build 22538, Microsoft appears to have restored access to the Network Connections (ncpa.cpl) control panel, it said in the changelog.

“For those who need it, you can again go directly to ncpa.cpl.”

The reason for the move is unclear, but there are many Windows users who feel they can do more from the old Control Panel than from the less intensive modern settings.

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