Windows 11 preview build 22499 released: file manager “mysterious crash” is resolved

Today (November 11), Microsoft pushed the Build 22499 update for users in the Windows 11 Dev preview group. This update added certain new features and finally fixed several bugs that would cause the file manager to crash.

In Build 22499, Microsoft fixed a bug that caused the file manager (explorer.exe) to crash when pressing Alt+F4 after pressing Alt+Tab to open the multitasking view. At the same time, the file manager crashed occasionally when using the touch keyboard. The bug has also been fixed.

In addition to the crash bug for users using a larger file manager, this version also fixes the possibility of crashing when remotely accessing the PC to adjust the sound; the OOBE interface may be cropped/unexpectedly zoomed; some applications cannot play media content normally; some games appear Vulnerabilities and bugs such as unknown delays.

In addition, in Build 22499, users will be able to quickly share the content in the open application window directly from the taskbar to the conference call.

But at present, this function only supports Microsoft’s conference software “Microsoft Teams”, and the scope of application is not ideal.

It should be noted that, according to feedback , some new problems have appeared in this version.

After the update, the search box of the start menu may not be able to enter text, and the task bar will flash when the input method is switched.

In addition, some users reported that indicators such as caps lock on the keyboard could not work normally after the update.

The Dev preview itself is a system version with newer functions but poor stability, so if you don’t like early adopters or have actual needs, please don’t switch the internal beta version to the Dev preview group.

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