Windows 11 Build 22509 released: optimize the start menu, taskbar, notifications, etc.

For members of the Windows Insider project on the Dev channel, Microsoft today announced the release of the preview update for Windows 11 Build 22509. This update brings some welcome changes to the start menu, taskbar, notifications, and settings applications. Starting from this version, Insiders can now configure the start menu to show more fixed or more suggestions according to their preferences.

Users with multiple monitors will also be happy to know that the clock and date will now be displayed on the taskbar of other monitors. This has always been a common requirement of Windows 11 users, but at this stage this feature is limited to Dev channel users.

Today’s Build 22509 also changes the way applications that use notifications for calls, reminders, or alarms work. Some insiders will now see 3 high-priority notifications superimposed together, plus a normal-priority notification appearing at the same time.

Microsoft is still continuing to transfer more settings from the traditional control panel to the “Settings” application. “Advanced sharing settings” will now appear on a new page under Advanced Network Settings. If you use airplane mode frequently, the operating system will now remember whether you turned on Bluetooth or Wi-Fi in airplane mode.

New features in Windows 11 build 22509:

Use Narrator to browse the web more easily in Microsoft Edge

Microsoft has been working hard to make a series of improvements to using Microsoft Edge and Narrator to browse the web. Specifically, typing in the edit field should now be faster, providing more useful information when navigating on the web, and finally, you will have a more consistent navigation experience with Narrator.

Entering in edit fields (such as the address bar) is now easier, because Narrator scan mode will now be turned off faster. Specifically, if you press Ctrl + L to jump to the address bar, you should be able to start typing immediately, because the scan mode will turn off sooner.

This improvement will also be helpful when filling in form fields, such as entering your name and address in different edit boxes. In addition to making typing in the formula bar easier, we also made it easier to delete in the formula bar. The narrator will now read the character at the cursor position after deleting a character. In other words, if the cursor is on the “h” of “hello” and you press the delete key, Narrator will say “e”.

You will also get more contextual information when navigating on the web. For example, the required radio buttons and edit fields will now be read out, and more information about the list, including the list level and the exact list index will now be read out.

In addition to getting more information to read out, you will also get a more consistent navigation experience through Narrator. This includes improvements to headline navigation, a more consistent scanning mode navigation experience, where the scanning mode is less likely to cycle between items, and a more consistent hyperlink reading experience when navigating forward and backward.

Changes and improvements

● Starting from this version, you can right-click “Start” to quickly access the “Start” settings, and select the “More Fixed” or “More Recommended” layout options to display additional fixed content or recommended content, respectively.

When an auxiliary monitor is connected, your clock and date will now also be displayed on the taskbar of the auxiliary monitor for easy browsing. [We’re starting to promote this change, so it’s not yet available to all insiders because we plan to monitor feedback and see how it works before pushing it to everyone. ]

● For applications that use Windows notifications to send phone calls, reminders, or alarm notifications in the operating system, 3 high-priority notifications will now be displayed as a stack and displayed at the same time. This means that at any time, you may see up to 4 notifications at the same time-3 high priority notifications and one normal priority notification. [Microsoft is starting to roll out this change, so it has not yet been made available to all Insiders because we plan to monitor feedback and see how it works before pushing it to everyone. ]

● Continue to introduce the content of the control panel into the settings application

● Advanced sharing settings (such as network discovery, file and printer sharing, and public folder sharing) have been moved to a new page under “Advanced Network Settings” in the “Settings” application.

● Microsoft has made some updates to the device-specific pages under “Printers and Scanners” in “Settings” so that more information about your printer or scanner can be displayed directly in “Settings”.

● The entrances of some network and device settings in the control panel will now be redirected to the corresponding pages in the settings.

● A new option has been added to the “Installed Applications” page in “Settings” to sort the list from name (Z to A), and accordingly update the previous “Alphabetical” option to the current one Name (A to Z).

● Microsoft will now remember whether you have turned on Bluetooth or Wi-Fi in airplane mode. Next time you use airplane mode, the radio will reflect your preference and stay on, so that you can continue to listen to the headset and stay connected while traveling.

● Windows Sandbox now supports restarting in its virtualized environment (for example, if you want to click the “restart” option under the power button in “Start”).


[mission Board]

● When the system zoom ratio is set to 125%, the start, search, task view, widget, and chat icons in the taskbar should no longer be unexpectedly large.

● If you repeatedly press the Windows key plus (the number corresponding to the position of the application icon in the taskbar), you should now cycle through the application windows instead of stopping at the last window.

● When Narrator’s focus is set to the task view button and Desktops flyout appears, Narrator will now let you know about Desktops.

● Fixed the crash of explorer.exe related to updating the badge in the taskbar encountered by some insiders during the recent flight.


● When the language is set to Chinese, handwriting should now work again.

● Mitigated a mouse-related problem that sometimes caused some Insiders to encounter bugcheck during hibernation (making it look like the computer has restarted) during the recent flight.

● Updated the Chinese simplified IME candidate to align with the height of the candidate window in the center, and has been customized.

● Fixed the touch keyboard call in PowerShell, so it should work now.


● Hovering the mouse back and forth between different desktops in the task view will no longer cause the displayed thumbnail and content area to shrink unexpectedly.

● CompactOverlay should work again in this version (that is, the option used by some applications to create a small window that is always on top).

● Modified a race condition that sometimes caused explorer.exe to crash when the snapshot group of 3 or more windows was closed in the task view.

● Deleted the accidental tilt animation when clicking a corner of the new desktop button.

● Adjustments have been made to address a potential issue that caused the context menu to animate under the mouse instead of moving away from the mouse when right-clicking on the desktop in the task view.

● Fixed the crash problem of DWM with high hits in the recent version.

[set up]

● Fixed the problem of text overlap in certain languages ​​on the installed application page in the settings.

● When using the installed application page in the grid view, clicking the uninstall button will now display a confirmation dialog.

● Change the new ms-settings:installed-apps URI to the current ms-settings:appsfeatures to solve the situation where the existing link hopes that the latter can point to the list of installed apps, for example, right-click the UWP app in the start and select Apply setting options.


● Fixed an issue that caused some insiders to see error 0x8007001f when trying to upgrade to the most recent development channel build.

● Fixed a problem that some PCs cannot install new builds or other updates, and the error code is 0x80070002.

● Fixed an issue that caused some devices to roll back with error code 0xc1900101-0x4001c when installing a new build.

● Some work has been done to help solve the problem that caused the Wi-Fi connection to be lost after resuming from sleep.

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