Windows 10/11 pirated activation software KMSPico was implanted by hackers in the back door to steal digital wallets

KMSPico is a commonly used activation software that supports Windows 8 to the current Windows 10 and Windows 11 and Office software activation. Many people use this software to activate the system after upgrading the system, but now it should be noted that KMSPico has been contaminated by hackers. Because KMSPico is so popular, hackers are now looking at it and have a backdoor implanted. They use various so-called KMSPico official websites on the Internet to promote this malware. Once users download and use it, they will be recruited.

What KMSPico stolen is the user’s digital wallet, including but not limited to Jaxx Liberty wallet, eCash wallet, Electrum wallet, Exodus wallet, Monero official core wallet, well-known Bitcoin wallet MultiBitHD, etc. Once it is detected that the user has installed digital Wallet, the toxic version of KMSPico will try to defraud the user’s key.

More importantly, the activation function of this toxic version of KMSPico software is also normal, so many people do not realize that they have downloaded the toxic version of KMSPico.

Considering the current situation, everyone should not download the KMSPico software to activate anymore. They do not have official websites . All the so-called official websites found on the Internet are fake, so don’t trust the sources searched at home and abroad, just in case you get caught.

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