Why you should use Android apps in Windows 11?

You can finally run Android applications on your Windows PC. But why bother? If you are skeptical about Android applications in Windows 11, we will explain why you should give it a try.

According to my experience, I can’t use the same services as the apps on my mobile. During my working time, I have to check the new messages from mobile apps on the phone in case not to miss any important information. But if I can check them on my computer, or the mobile notifications can be displayed on my computer, that would surely save my time.

Technically speaking, Windows 11 is not the first time Android applications can run on Windows. Over the years, emulators like BlueStacks have made this possible, but Windows 11 has made the experience very good. But this does not mean that you know how to deal with it. We can help.

In the past 20 years, technology has undergone a huge shift to mobile devices. Therefore, there are many services that simply do not exist on the PC. If you want to use these services, you need a smartphone or tablet.

The following is about how Android apps work on Windows 11

By using Android apps in Windows 11, you can bridge the gap between your phone and PC. Popular services such as Ring. Roomba, Ecobee and Eero have no desktop experience. You have to stop what you are doing and take out your phone, which can be very distracting.

This may seem obvious, but it is an important part of why mobile applications on desktop operating systems are so important. Many services are geared towards mobile devices. Now you can have the best of both worlds.

Apps designed specifically for touch screens

Speaking of applications designed for mobile devices, which ones are not available on all Windows devices? touch screen. Mobile applications are designed for use with touch, and some Windows applications can be used with touch.

If you have a Windows 11 computer with a touch screen (especially a Windows tablet), you may find that Android apps are better for touch input. This is the essence of mobile application design. Even the best touch-friendly Windows applications must consider the keyboard and mouse.

The Android application in Windows 11 can make your “hybrid” PC more like a convertible device.

Play mobile games on your PC

We have been talking about Android applications, and of course, Android games are also available for Windows 11. You can finally bring your favorite mobile games to the desktop interface.

How to play Android games on Windows 11

Although many Android games are designed to use simple touch input, there are also many complex games. People connect Xbox and PS5 controllers to their Android devices for a reason.

Maybe you don’t need a keyboard and mouse to play your favorite Android games, but it’s still more convenient if you spend a lot of time on your computer. Since many games can synchronize their progress, you can still play on your phone.

Better social media applications

Thankfully, most popular social networks now have fully functional desktop applications or websites. However, you may prefer the mobile version, as not every social media application is available on Windows.

For example, Snapchat has an extremely barebones browser experience. These types of social media services are very suitable for smartphones. If you want the best experience, the experience developers care about most, you will want the Android version.

Android applications in Windows 11 are all about filling in the gaps. You no longer want to be able to access the bank’s mobile applications on your PC. You don’t need to pull out your phone to check the ring notifications.

Maybe you don’t need to use Android apps in Windows 11. These reasons may have nothing to do with you, it doesn’t matter. However, if you are curious, it is worth a try. There are even many more you can use this function to perform if you do a little extra tinkering.

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