Why Windows 11 Startup Menu is located at the Middle?

Since Windows 11 has been released, most users find that Windows 11 Startup menu has been moved to the middle of taskbar. This article tells you why Microsoft make this change.

Windows Startup Menu History

I guess, most of you started from clicking Windows Startup at the left bottom of screen. And it was really easy to click, just a quick move of mouse to left and bottom.

Startup button is a magic that in which you can find all your apps, software and settings, and its location. No mtter how many pages of websites, software runs, just drag your mouse hard to left button and click, you would always find the right place, even without notice where your cursor is. And this feature started from Windows XP.

The left bottom has magic for users to click, and actually, it is a magic point of screen. You can feel it, use it, but don’t need to understand it.

For this convenience, there are dozens of UI designers working hard for. This is so called User Experience.

Why Windows 11 Startup Menu is located at the Middle

Microsoft has explained about this, to reduce the mouse moving distance from the center of screen to the target. Even the distance has been reduced, but it is not that convenient as before, but Why Microsoft keeps doing this?

Windows 11 is designed for PC, Mobile and Tablet. It is not convenient on PC, but it may convenient on Mobile and Tablet.

By touching of fingers, the startup button in middle gets faster click.

So you’ll see, the ambition of Windows 11 is to attracting device manufacturers to use Windows 11 in their devices, occupying more, not only on PC.

In another post of mine, there is an instruction for How to move Startup to left bottom in Windows 11

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