Why doesn’t my Windows 11 activate?

This article teaches you why your Windows 11 doesn’t activate. Follow the tutorial, you’ll be able to active your genuine Windows 11.

Since Microsoft announced that Windows 11 is free to upgrade, many users upgraded Windows 11 from Windows 10, 8 or 7 immediately. However after the upgrade, you may find that your Windows 11 still needs product key for activation. Of course, Windows 11 is free to upgrade, that means the upgrade process is free, but the activation is not free. So if you are upgrading Windows 11 from a inactivated Windows system, which has no product key yet, Windows 11 can’t be activated, cause it has no product key either.

The first thing that you need to check is ensure the older Windows system has a product key or not before you upgrade to Windows 11. According to my investigation, no matter the product key of older Windows system is genuine or pirated, once it it upgrade to Windows 11, your Windows 11 will be genuine. I am just expressing the fact, not driving you to purchase a pirated Windows.

And if you formatted your partition, and make a brand new installation of Windows 11, your Windows 11 still needs to be activated, cause there is no product key either. Before you do this, please take a note about the product key of your previous Windows system, and then input it into Windows 11. That is a way to activate Windows 11. And system partition format and brand new installation of Windows 11 is highly recommended. This action will give you 3-5 years Windows using without needing to reinstall Windows 11.

One more tips, if your previous Windows edition is Home edition, you can’t upgrade Windows 11 to Pro or Enterprise edition. You can get Windows 11 Home edition for free. If you force the Windows 11 upgrade to Pro edition, the product key doesn’t meet the requirements, so that your Windows 11 can’t activate either.

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