What is Windows.old folder in Windows 11 system partition?

This article teaches you what is Windows.old folder in Windows 11 system partition? Follow the tutorial, you’ll see if this Windows.old folder in system partition can be deleted or not.

You may see there is a Windows.old folder in your Windows 11 system partition, and this folder takes about 30GB – 50GB or even more disk space. As the Windows Subsystem for Android is released, the disk space of system partition turns more and more valuable now. What’s in Windows.old? Can I delete Windows.old?

What is WIndows.old?

Windows.old is a folder which stores the previous Windows system, from which you upgraded to Windows 11. In Windows.old, there is a whole system which allows you to roll back to previous Windows system in the permitted period after the upgrade to Windows 11. That means, if you delete Windows.old, you’ll be unable to recover the previous Windows system any more.

There is no important file in Windows.old. All of them have been moved to the same folder of Windows 11 when you are upgrading to Windows 11. For example, your previous system is Windows 10, an important document in Windows 10 was saved in Documents folder of Windows 10, once you upgraded to Windows 11, this important document will be moved to Documents of Windows 11. So there will be no important document in Windows.old. However, even if so, I recommend you to recheck if there is something that you want to backup from Windows.old to Windows 11.

Can I delete Windows.old?

Surely you can if you don’t want to roll back to previous Windows system from Windows 11. Simply press Shift+Del to directly erase this folder on your disk.


    • No estoy tan seguro de eso, porque no tengo esa prueba personalmente. Si desea eliminar la carpeta Windows.old sin tener en cuenta la posibilidad de recuperar el sistema al anterior, puede eliminarlo manualmente.

      Pero le recomiendo encarecidamente que vuelva a verificar los documentos y la carpeta del escritorio en Windows.old, vea si hay algĂșn archivo importante que no tenga respaldo.

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