What are the advantages and disadvantages of Windows 11?

People don’t know the advantages and disadvantages of Windows 11 before they upgrade to Windows 11. Please check the following terms in order to making decision if you upgrade Windows 11 or not.


1. Widen the distance between the buttons! It also designed “expand” for the mentally handicapped, and it’s okay to directly follow the classic style, which reduces a lot of efficiency!

2. Because of the UI design of Windows 11, it is difficult to receive feedback when receiving messages. In Windows 10, the application that received the message will turn orange and flash in the taskbar, but Windows 11 will only have a little bright color, it is difficult to see if you don’t look carefully!

3. The same as the design problem, the title of the new version of the file explorer, the color of the three diamond keys and the operation bar are the same, so it can’t be operated at all.

4. Too many bugs! Use the computer to handle important things or roll back to Windwos10 first

5. Right-click the task bar only has a solitary “Task Bar Settings”

6. The display desktop has become a line, and you need to accurately click on that line. And Windows 10 has no brains and drifts the mouse to the lower right corner and it stops.

7.UI is the same in five generations


1. Fixed the bug that the version number was too low.

2. Fixed the word-of-mouth problem of “Windows 10 is just rubbish”

3. More beautiful interface, more exquisite typesetting, and better control.

4. A lot of “optimization options” have been added, and a lot of optimizations have indeed been made, which is not bad.

5. The automatic update problem that has been criticized in Windows 10 for a long time has been optimized. If you do not download, Windows 11 will not secretly download updates for you in the background, and secretly install them.

6. Regaining the built-in UWP application that has not been updated for a few years, it becomes more reasonable and easier to use. For example, the update of the Microsoft Store (a fruity flavor) I often use UWP weather, UWP mail and calendar.

7. I did some “special features” on the built-in Microsoft Edge that Win10 hasn’t added yet.

8. Support Android applications! (Unused temporarily, the news says that it can only download the Amazon App Market)

9. After 6 years, Win11 finally copied the macOS virtual desktop background!

10. Cut off the artificially retarded Cortana (actually still posted in the start menu, right-click to uninstall), replaced with a more powerful Microsoft Teams (not supported in the country)

11. The placeholder component of “Information and Interest” in the Windows 10 taskbar has been cut off and replaced with a brand new small component! (Although not much better)

12. Brand new touch keyboard! It can even be personalized!

13. Better game support! DicertX12, Auto HDR, DirectStorage (this is said to “enhance performance by a hundred times”)

14. Adaptive tablet mode!

15. In the installation package, the installation image of Windows 11 will be 40% less than that of Windows 10 (Microsoft official). Perhaps this can solve my mentality of being crazy by Install.wim when installing the system.

16. Widen the distance between the buttons.


Windows 11 maybe has some unbearable disadvantages at present, especially the right click menu and taskbar problems. And maybe after upgrade, you may encounter various kinds of system problems. However, it deserves to be upgraded.

In fact, I don’t recommend you to upgrade, but a fresh new install after the format of system partition. This will help you to reduce the incompatible problems. And we shall give it at least more than 6 months updating time to make Windows 11 better.

The most important thing is Windows 11 is free to use. Why not have a try?

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