Upgrade guide for the new version of Windows 11 in 2022

When Windows 11 came, the camp was divided into two sides: one is yelling not to upgrade, one is talking about early upgrade and early benefit.

Should I upgrade Windows 11?

Reject the opinions of others, and have a say after in-depth practice. A brief summary:

  1. For the following 4 types of users, please carefully consider whether to upgrade Windows 11:

Computer configuration is too low; sensitive to system bugs; need to use computers for learning and work, fixed software for productivity; and users who are not easy to adapt to the new system interface and interactive logic.

  1. The following 2 types of users can recommend an upgrade experience:

Like the new and dislike the old, I can’t bear the aesthetics of the old Windows UI. Users who are not afraid of tossing, can tolerate and are accustomed to interface changes and potentially infected bugs.

What’s new in Windows 11?

As far as ordinary users are concerned, there are generally four “new” items: 1 is the overall interface style, 2 is the centered taskbar, 3 is the cancellation of tiles, folder thumbnails, and 4 is that Android applications can be used.

In terms of appearance and perception, the benevolent sees the benevolent and the wise sees the wisdom. Windows 11 always looks refreshing, but it is not necessarily the case when it is used.

Among them, the taskbar cannot split the icons, and the inability to intuitively preview the contents of the folder is regarded as a slot. Android applications have not yet been opened up on a large scale, and they are more useless than practical, so it is better to directly use mobile phone multi-screen software.

The right-click menu has also been adjusted, and the third-party functions inside have been folded into the second-level menu. Better to say, simplified and more pleasing to the eye, but if you want to click on the third-party menu options that you use frequently, it’s really cheating.

Upgrade Windows 11 requires three preparations

  1. Confirm whether your hardware configuration meets the minimum requirements for upgrading Windows 11. The easiest way is to get the test results on the relevant Microsoft page. Paste the following URL in the browser address bar to access:


You can also consider using third-party detection software, such as the commonly used WhyNotWin11, all green ok is to meet the upgrade conditions.

If your computer meets the upgrade requirements and is under the latest version of Windows 10, you can directly update Windows 11 in Settings → Update and Security (if there is a push).

  1. If you have not received the Windows 11 update push, it is strongly recommended to implement the Windows 11 system upgrade from Microsoft’s official Windows download homepage. There are many ways to choose from, and you can easily complete it by following the official fool’s guide. Novices are not recommended to use any third-party ghost mirrors.
  2. Recognize the version of Windows 11, the early tests are divided into Dev, Beta and Release Preview. The general user can directly choose the last one, which is stable and reliable, with slightly fewer bugs. The latest version that can be directly downloaded on January 2, 2022 is KB5008215 (the OS internal version is 22000.376), which will be released on 2021-12-14.
  3. Before performing an upgrade/update to Windows 11, be sure to make a backup of important files. You can use the system’s built-in backup function, or you can use third-party software such as AOMEI, ATI2021. In addition, when you have successfully upgraded, there is a 10-day “regret period” that can be restored to the old Windows 10 system at any time, select Settings → Restore to go back; if you do not operate within 10 days, you only want to return to Windows 10 Can be reinstalled.

The above is the basic knowledge that needs to be mastered before Windows11 upgrade. I think that compared to Windows 10, Windows 11 has an overall improvement in aesthetics, but the improvement in work efficiency is not high, and even partial reversing, which has too much impact on users who rely heavily on computer productivity. If your free time is not so abundant, try not to mess around with the guy who eats yourself. A virtual machine is also the best solution. Of course, students who have more than two computers in their hands can still use one early adopter.

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