The steps to create a Facebook Page

In the official language of Facebook Facebook, the public page is a window for the business’s personal brand or organization to interact with the user publicly, you can use the public page to display goods and services and create advertisements, etc., in addition to interacting with a large number of users on the public page, here to share with you how Facebook Facebook created the public page, created The steps for Facebook Pages are explained in detail.

Detailed steps to create a Facebook Page:

  1. Click Create a Page on your Facebook Page
  2. Choose the type of project your Page wants to promote, such as choosing Advertising
  3. Enter the name of your Facebook Page, which can be the name of your company or the name of your brand
  4. Upload an avatar, such as a company logo image, fill out a profile of your Page, and show your company’s business in detail
  5. You can leave the URL of the company’s official website, mobile phone, and company mailbox
  6. Invite your Facebook friends to like your Page and increase your exposure
  7. Invite your email contacts to see your Facebook page
  8. Start adding pictures, videos, articles to share what’s new in your company to interact with your customers
  9. It is worth mentioning that the Facebook page is best bound to WhatsApp, after all, some countries chat or mainly use WhatsApp, so personal advice is to use whatsApp Business business, because you can set up automatic reply messages, etc., quite convenient.
Facebook how to create a Page, the steps to create a Page

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