The best Windows 11 enhancing software for Windows 10 experience

This article introduces the best free Windows 11 enhancing software, which gives you the Windows 10 original experience, such as right click menu, taskbar icon group, etc.

Since Windows 11 was released at 5th, Oct 2021. Some users have upgraded their systems to Windows 11, and found that there are some not that good features in Windows 11, so they downgrade to previous systems. There are mainly two problems that those users complained: 1, the folded right click menu; 2, Taskbar icons is ungroupable. In my mind, these two problems are not big problems, but Microsoft doesn’t give any option to customize them. So they turns into big problems for some users.

Luckily, I finally found a system enhancing software to solve those two problems and give you even more good features under Windows 11. It is StartAllBack.

StartAllBack for Windows 11 Reviews

Firstly, let’s see StartAllBack feature list:

Restore and improve taskbar

  • Show labels on task icons
  • Adjust icon size and margins
  • Move taskbar to top, left or right edges
  • Drag and drop stuff onto taskbar
  • Center task icons but keep Start button on the left
  • Split into segments, use dynamic translucency
  • Separate corner icons with Windows 7/10 UI

Restore and improve File Explorer UI

  • Ribbon and Command Bar revamped with translucent effects
  • Details pane on bottom
  • Old search box (the one which works)
  • Dark mode support for more dialogs

Restore and improve context menus

  • All new look with rounded acrylic menus
  • Fast and responsive taskbar menus
  • New fonts, better touch support

Restore and improve start menu

  • Launch apps and go to system places in one click
  • Navigate dropdown menus like a boss
  • Enjoy fast and reliable search

Finally, lightweight styling and UI consistency

  • Enjoy Windows 7, Windows 10 and third-party taskbar and start menu styles
  • Fix UI inconsistencies in Win32 apps
  • Don’t be blue: recolor UI in all windows apps
  • Negative resource usage: fewer RAM used, fewer processes started

Size: 1619kb


This software is something of abnormal. After the download, I thought it should install. However, StartAllBack downloaded exe file is a green software which can run directly. And it automatically change the taskbar style to Windows 10, even I didn’t make any change of its options.

StartAllBack is a simple to use software for everyone who can read English. It can change the Start menu, Taskbar and explorer to Windows 10 or even Windows 7 style, and even the transparent style of Taskbar.

However, this software a commercial software, free to trial, 30 days only. If you want to use it in a long term, you need to pay $4.99, and this is one time payment. In my mind, after 4 months use of Windows 10, I have already gotten used to Windows 11 original UI. It depends on you if you pay for this software or not.

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