The Best Free Windows 11 Antivirus

This article lists all best free Windows 11 antivirus for you to choose. Just check the sections bellow, you can easily choose one for your privacy computer security.

There are quite a lot famous free Windows 11 antivirus software on the market, and maybe you know some or all of them. However most of them have premium edition for more features, and these premium edition requires you to pay for them. Of course, there are some real free Windows 11 antivirus software, yet they still take something from you, such as bringing Ads to you, or take your privacy.

No matter they are free Windows 11 antivirus software or premium Windows 11 antivirus software, they are software, taking the calculating resources of computer, and sometimes jump out to brother you while you are playing games, writing documents or doing work.

Here I recommend you to use Windows 11 built-in free antivirus. It is totally free (even if your Windows 11 is under trial), occupying much less calculating resources of computer, and 100% quite except it indeed find virus in your computer.

Best Free Windows 11 Built-in Antivirus

This Free Windows 11 built-in antivirus protection has the core of Windows Defender. Windows Defender started from 2015. It has collected samples from all the world for more than 6 years. Trust me, Windows Defender can recognize 99.99% virus in this world. And this free Windows 11 antivirus offers real time protection, just like the firewall.

The only thing that I wondering if those antivirus software vendors will sue Microsoft about antivirus monopoly or not, just exactly like when Windows integrated IE in to system, and this action was sued by other internet browsers. So this free Windows 11 antivirus tool will be sued or not?

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