Shall I buy Windows 11 professional or home edition? The specific differences of two

This article teaches you if you shall buy Windows 11 Professional Edition or Home Edition, and the detailed differences of them. Follow the tutorial, you will see which Windows 11 edition fits for you.

Windows 11 is a new generation of computer system version released by Microsoft this year. There are multiple versions to choose from. Due to the numerous versions of Win 11, many friends do not know which version to choose. There are two main categories for Windows 11:

  • Windows 11 Consumer Editions. It contains Home edition, Pro edition, education edition and Workstation edition.
  • Windows 11 Business Editions. It contains Pro edition, Enterprise edition, education edition and Workstation edition.

Due to Windows 11 upgrade rules, what kind of Windows 11 edition is based on the edition of your present Windows 7 – 10 edition, which means if you upgrade Windows 11 from Windows 10 Home edition, your Windows 11 will be Home edition. And the whole upgrade actions are free. And if you buy a new device with Windows 11 installed, usually it will be Windows 11 Home edition as well.

Before you want to upgrade Windows 11 Home edition to other editions, you’d better check the follow differences of those editions.

Windows 11 Home Edition (Windows 11 Home): For home users, it cannot join Active Directory and Azure AD, and does not support remote connections. The home Chinese version and the single language version are for OEM devices and are two branches under the home version.

Windows 11 Professional Edition (Windows 11 Pro): For small businesses, it adds functions such as domain account joining, Bitlocker encryption, support for remote connections, and corporate stores on the basis of the Home Edition. It is recommended for ordinary users to be the first choice.

Win 11 Enterprise Edition (Windows 11 Enterprise): For medium and large enterprises, it adds DirectAccess, AppLocker and other advanced enterprise functions on the basis of the professional edition.

Windows 11 Education Edition (Windows 11 Education): For school use (school staff, administrators, teachers and students), its functions are almost the same as the enterprise version, only authorized for schools or educational institutions.

As a Windows 11 user, if you are hesitating between Windows 11 Home and Pro Edition, I recommend you to use Pro Edition. Windows 11 Pro edition nearly contains all features for both home and work. Even though there are quite a lot software can help Windows 11 Home edition to own the feature of Pro edition, however most of them are not free, which means you still need to pay for those features. So Windows 11 Pro edition is a better choice even though it is a little more expensive than Home Edition.

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