Seoul University AI team shakes the world with plagiarism by not even changing punctuation

The artificial intelligence team of Seoul National University, a top university in South Korea, published the results of the research at the world’s top academic conference CVPR (IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition), but it was found to be all plagiarized, not even a word was modified.

The outbreak of this incident directly triggered a heated discussion in the global academic circles.

On the first day of the academic conference, the scientific research results of the artificial intelligence team of Seoul National University were evaluated as “excellent works”. Academics are rigorous, and being able to obtain excellent works means that their research results are widely recognized by the participating scholars.

The scientific research report involved the display of a large number of papers, but the next day, there was a public opinion on the scene and on the Internet, believing that the relevant research results of Seoul National University were suspected of plagiarism.

After the in-depth analysis, it was found that there were as many as ten papers involving plagiarism, including relevant papers from Columbia in the United States, Oxford University in the United Kingdom, and the University of Toronto in Canada from 2018 to 2020.

Involving some sentences, the AI team of Seoul National University even copied the entire sentence directly without modifying the words, and the core formula and structure of the paper were found to be exactly the same as the relevant papers of the overseas team.

A large number of scholars have spoken out and denounced Seoul National University’s academic fraud.

Once, we shouted that our Chinese medicine was applied for by South Korea, our Dragon Boat Festival was applied for by South Korea, and even many netizens were ridiculing South Korea as stealing the country.

The emergence of this incident has once again refreshed the understanding of the Korean academic circle around the world.

The punctuation marks did not change, and the Seoul National University AI team plagiarized and shook the world

We seem to be able to laugh at them with joy, we seem to be able to hold our arms and laugh, is that really the case?

It seems to me that this is not a victory for us Chinese netizens, nor should it be a point where we should be happy.

On the contrary, it is painful and worth pondering.

Academics, has always been rigorous, South Korea’s behavior has erupted this time, if not? Is it that they can enjoy the praise of the world’s academic circles, enjoy the flowers and applause.

And what about those who struggle in the lab, in the computer room, in front of the computer?

Rather than ridicule, we should ponder how many people’s fruits of labor are occupied, and how many people are working hard in unknown places.

It’s not a team that’s being humiliated, but what makes them believe that even plagiarism won’t be a problem.

It should not be those of us who are far removed from academia, but those who have made the effort to see the dawn of justice.

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