No need to install activation software to activate Windows 11 operating system

Microsoft has launched a new generation of Windows 11 operating system, I believe that many people have installed and experienced this operating system. At that time, there may be situations where there is no serial number to activate the operating system. Is there any other way to activate the operating system for extended experience? Here is a way to activate and extend the experience of the Windows 11 operating system without installing the activation cracking file. So as to avoid the uncertain security risks caused by cracking the file.

Use the mouse to click the start menu of the Windows 11 operating system, and click [All Applications] in the start menu.

In the menu of all applications, find Windows Terminal, right-click with the mouse, and select [More]-[Run as Administrator] to open the command terminal window.

In the command window, use the slmgr command to change the serial number of the Windows 11 operating system to the serial number below

slmgr /ipk W269N-WFGWX-YVC9B-4J6C9-T83GX

Next, use the command to change the number of KMS servers to 03k

slmgr /skms

Start to activate Windows 11 operating system

slmgr /ato

A prompt of [Successfully activated the product] appears, indicating that the server has been activated successfully.

Right-click on [This Computer], select [Properties], and select [Product Key and Activation] under the About interface

From the activation status page, you can see that the Windows 11 operating system is already activated.

The above is the activation method of Windows 11, for personal study reference. If you need to use genuine Windows 11, please obtain the activation code from a official channel.

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