Microsoft Windows 11 Dev new notepad released: modern design

According to the Microsoft Windows blog, today it began to launch a redesigned Windows 11 version of Notepad for all Windows Insiders in the Dev channel.

Microsoft is very excited to introduce you to the redesigned Windows 11 Notepad, which includes some changes that it thinks the community will like. First of all, you will notice a completely updated user interface UI, consistent with the new visual design of Windows 11, including rounded corners, mica, etc. Microsoft said that it knows how important Notepad is to many of the users’ daily work processes, so it has modernized the design of this classic application, bringing a fresh feel but also familiarity.

The new feature of Windows 11 notebooks is the dark mode. This has always been the highest requirement of the community, and Microsoft hopes you will like this gorgeous new theme. By default, Notepad will adapt to your system theme preferences, but you can change this option by yourself in the new settings page, which is also the new setting for font options.

Windows 11 Tips is informed that in order to help you improve work efficiency, Microsoft has introduced a redesigned find and replace experience and added support for multi-level revocation-this is another major feature request of the community.

Productivity, performance, and reliability are the most important in Notepad. No matter how you incorporate Notepad into your workflow, Microsoft said it will ensure that Notepad continues to excel in these areas.

Microsoft said that in the preview version released today, there are some known issues that will be resolved in a future update. This includes issues that affect the use of keyboard access keys when switching between different input languages ​​or when using the Japanese IME input method, and in some cases, when you use Shift-click to select text or scroll, you may notice accidents the behavior of. Microsoft continues to improve performance in response to opening very large files.

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