Microsoft released Windows 11 update news this month: the right-click menu finally ushered in optimization and adjustment

Most technology companies always want to change the user’s custom. They told us the new changes are amazing and cool. They don’t care about if users like the changes or not. This time Microsoft finally do something to fit the user’s custom.

Recently, Microsoft table shows will be adjusted to optimize the Windows right-click menu 11 in a subsequent update.

This can be said to be one of the most anticipated updates for almost all Windows 11 users.

In Windows 11, Microsoft has done a lot of redesign of the right-click menu that is the same in Windows. The new right-click menu looks more concise and more beautiful, but this simplicity and beauty is based on the destructive impact on the user experience. of.

In the right-click menu of Windows 11, a large number of functions are included in the secondary menu , which has caused many users to report that the right-click menu of Windows 11 is difficult to use.

Kuai Technology is informed that in the subsequent version update of Windows 11, Microsoft has plans to change the secondary menu of the right-click menu and enable a new secondary menu design.

Schematic diagram of the new right-click menu design in Windows 11

Microsoft said that the new secondary menu will improve the efficiency of calling out, so as to solve the user’s feedback on the slow and cumbersome right-click menu operation.

In addition, the new secondary menu will adopt the same design style as other UIs in Windows 11, which makes the new secondary menu cleaner and tidy, but the problem is that the new secondary menu of the current test version will ignore the user-defined emphasis. Color, but insist on displaying blue.

This time Microsoft’s changes to the right-click menu will first push updates to Dev channel users, and then push updates to other users after a period of testing.

Although Microsoft did not officially disclose how long this process will take, some people believe that this update will be pushed in the Windows 11 22H2 version update in October 2022.

In addition to the optimization of the right-click menu, Microsoft also plans to repair the frequent crashes caused by the taskbar and file explorer in Windows 11. This repair patch will meet with users in the next two weeks of updates.

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