Microsoft pushes Windows 11 update check tool to Windows 10 2004+ users

Recently, Microsoft began to provide automatic updates of the “PC Health Check Tool” for most PCs running Windows 10 2004. It is reported that this tool is designed to help users determine whether the current PC platform meets the minimum requirements for installing Windows 11.

   However, the latest news is that Microsoft said that old users running Windows 10 2004 and later will also receive a special number of automatic updates of KB5005463 one after another. The description reads:

    This update will automatically download and install the PC Health Check Tool on Windows 10 2004+ devices, but it will not appear on devices that are already running the Windows 11 operating system.

     "PC Health Check Tool" includes diagnostic functions, which improve performance through diagnostic testing and troubleshooting, and provide maximum convenience on an entire dashboard.

   If you are still using Windows 10 and want to determine whether the current device meets the system requirements of Windows 11, the “PC Health Check Tool” can come in handy.

    By default, when you open the "PC Health Check Tool" application, it will be automatically installed when important application updates are available, and users of the "PC Health Check Tool" will not be able to turn off automatic updates.

   If you really don’t want to relive the “nightmare” of the forced update of Win 7 / 8.x to Windows 10, you may wish to refer to third-party tools such as “Windows Update Blocker” to disable/enable automatic updates as needed.

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