Microsoft Edge browser game sidebar exposed, game store embedded

Microsoft Edge browser has introduced tools such as Office integration and mathematical solver, but the official does not seem to be satisfied.

According to NeoWin reports, Microsoft seems to be adding a game panel to the Edge browser. In the latest Edge Canary version, a handle icon appears in the toolbar, click to open the Games sidebar.

According to reports, the sidebar will display the user’s recent games, as well as selected games, many of which are Microsoft’s own small games, click to start the game in the browser.

Edge browser will also introduce native RSS function in the collection function. Users can click the “Follow” button in the address bar to subscribe to RSS feeds.

Microsoft’s “hodgepodge” approach has also caused dissatisfaction among some users. Some time ago, when Microsoft introduced the “Buy First, Pay Later” feature for the Edge browser, it was strongly opposed by many users.

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