Is it possible to start a career in IT after 40 years?

Unfortunately, not every company will be ready to consider a junior specialist over the age of 30. In our experience, only 5% of companies will agree to this. But there is good news: these statistics apply only to the Russian market.

According to research, in the US, the average age of a junior software developer is 39 years old, while in Russia and the CIS countries it is 20-22 years old. Therefore, for those who are going to move to IT from another field, it is advisable to know English in order to work freely for companies from all over the world.

Circumstances also affected hiring. Due to the international crisis, many companies refuse to consider specialists from Russia, even experienced and promising ones. I don’t want to scare you, but I think it’s important to prepare for the fact that it will be quite difficult to find a job right now, especially if you are a junior developer over 35 years old.

However, I am sure that this is a temporary measure and the situation will improve soon. In general, you can enter IT at any age, the main thing is perseverance, perseverance and readiness for the fact that it will not be easy (however, as in any other field).

If we talk about the areas that are most tolerant of hiring “age” candidates, then these are mostly companies that employ a team of about the same age. Most often, these are companies that have long been established in the market, especially those operating in the state or B2B segment.

SkillFactory graduates prove that you can start working in IT at any age:

  • Ilya Abramov only realized at the age of 37 that he wanted to become a Python developer, and was able to find an interesting job that pays almost twice as much
  • Python and Machine Learning Helped Vladimir Yushmanov Start a New Career at 43
  • Antonina Rostopchina worked successfully in sales for many years, but at the age of 41 she decided to change her profession and now works as a systems analyst . 

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