Interesting details of the Windows Android subsystem exposed

Although the release date of the official version of Windows 11 is quite close, the Windows Subsystem for Android feature announced by Microsoft in June has not been able to be delivered to test users. However, judging from the introduction page of the now online Microsoft Store application store, the company still revealed some interesting details of the Android subsystem.

Even if it can be downloaded after clicking, this WSA software will only pop up a blank window when it is installed and opened on Windows 11. In the case of the Windows 10 platform, it cannot even perform the installation.

The good news is that the product detail page contains at least some interesting details. On the one hand, it has reduced the system requirements to Windows 10 Build 22000.0, which is the same as the development branch we currently see on the beta test channel.

On the other hand, the Microsoft Store also lists XboxOne as a supported platform, which Microsoft has never mentioned before.

Supported architectures include ARM64 and x64, and the minimum memory (RAM) capacity required is 8GB. As for the recommended configuration, there is no difference except for increasing the memory requirement to 16GB.

Interestingly, the Microsoft Store page warned that users should not intercept the WSA screen interface or leak other content, implying that it is still in the internal testing phase limited to Microsoft employees.

Interesting details of the Windows Android subsystem exposed: Does it support the Xbox platform?
Finally, although Microsoft has not disclosed more details about Android application support, the company does have cooperation with Amazon on the Android application store.

After the update, users will be able to download and install Android applications such as TikTok, Pinterest, and Kindle.

In addition, these apps can be fixed to the taskbar, aligned with other programs, and the window size can be adjusted just like Windows applications.

In my mind, if Windows 11 can install Android APK files through this Windows Subsystem for Android, this subsystem will be some kind of Android simulator, just like other simulators. This is not a creative thing.

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