How unreliable will founders who rely on financing be?

Recently saw the mother and baby vertical e-commerce fell, in fact, this kind of enterprises that live by financing are many unreliable, not only the business logic is simple and rude, less money can not play, more unknown is the founder’s riot operation will inevitably lead to their failure, then understanding their inner thoughts has become extremely important, more often we do not lack technical analysis, but the analysis of people’s hearts!

Although the analysis here is mainly from the founder’s heart, we also have to briefly introduce the overall background. With the Fed’s interest rate hike, the global dollar is accelerating to suck the dollar circulation back into the United States, and even the euro is historically at par with the dollar. Less dollars in the market, to a large extent, will affect the investment of investment institutions, coupled with the U.S. stock market review of Chinese stocks, many companies that have taken dollar investment are difficult to go public in the United States, and the investors behind them cannot get off happily, and before they can solve a series of legal work to dismantle the VIE structure, many companies have been abandoned by capital.

At this time, investors are even more impatient, because their money is not low in many cases, coupled with our general lack of patience, the logic of this set of investment is like a huge grinding disk, in fact, it is really a bit like the Japanese movie (battle royale), constantly forcing the founder to brush data upgrades, because there is no good data so the future connection disk hero can not find! Investment circle of this gang, in fact, sometimes really ‘simple’, the founder of the most important thing at the beginning is to find a big guy, how much this big guy invests is not important, the important thing is that the big guy has a wide network of contacts, influential, this is definitely the founder’s transformation from 0 to 1, think about the United States that is known as a drop of blood testing company, the female CEO is doing so. Networking heap connections, anyway, the investment circle is so little people, are all herd effect, a swarm of bees on the up, and then what due diligence that is all floating clouds (think of Sun Hongbin’s own due diligence team was Jia Accountant to give the dizziness … In fact, it cannot be said that investors are stupid and have more money, and people here have their own logic. Of course, this set of logic is not quite the thinking of normal people (why do you say that people in the financial circle are not good people)

Capital logic 1: there is no outlet to rely on money to smash out. It’s a bit like Paris or Milan Fashion Week, which can give you a pop color of the year every year. It’s all the biggest guys behind their own… So this year’s industry is on fire, next year will change the next one, always have to make a feature (do not make a feature, less mysterious, but also easy to be free hitchhiking… )

How unreliable will founders who rely on financing be?

Capital Logic 2: The founder must be able to fool, and it is a big fool to take big money, and a small fool to take a small amount of money. Flickering is generally not engaged in technology… (So many of our startups are formerly engaged in marketing as CEOs, the most famous should be Didi), can not be fooled, that investors want to get off the car in advance in the future can not be, always rely on the founder’s mouth to play this game of drumming and passing flowers (here have to move out of Jia accounting again, relying on a ppt to break into the world)

How unreliable will founders who rely on financing be?

Jia Accountant smiled sheepishly

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Capital Logic 3: Data must show a spurt of growth, it is best to grow as perpetually as interest… (In other words, people still have a physiological cycle, highs and lows must have, and the company’s performance can only have a higher climax… )

The founders who understood the above logic began to think carefully…

Creator Logic 1: Anyway, it is also the old line (sales, marketing), then you have to blow, the more fierce the blow, there are more big guys to hold you, let you cloud free. (In fact, now not only people engaged in sales and marketing can blow, even lawyers are well versed in it, I know a female boss who plans options for enterprises, professional lawyers (or large firms), they make this brand “a certain ginseng”, the company’s annual income is 3,4 million, to the investors on the table immediately become 15 million-20 million, if the list of corporate customers is true, then the monopoly of the entire industry is almost the same… )

Founder Logic 2: Bragging is not terrible, the terrible thing is that there is no bull to brag at all, at this time bragging becomes a side business, and transferring funds is the main business. Don’t you have to leave yourself a way back and wait for a second venture! (After all, the investor’s money is ‘spent’ to play, and the back of the business can only be paid for by themselves, and this money still depends on how to move and layout in advance.) You see what training the founders always participate in, at the beginning they did go to make friends with other founders, and then they became everyone brushing each other’s data and helping each other wipe P shares to cover up the transfer of funds.

This can not all blame the founder, after all, the environment is here (the cruelty of the battle royale), investors are still waiting for the listing to unwind it, even if it is determined that it can not be, it will have to beat the drum to pass on the flowers to the next…

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