How to use Internet Explorer in Windows 11

This article teaches you how to use Internet Explorer in Windows 11. Follow the tutorial, you’ll see the way to use Internet Explorer in Windows 11.

After Windows 11 has been released, people may find that there is no Internet Explorer in this system any more. In most cases, we can use Edge or Chrome or other web browsers to browse website pages. However, due to the historic reasons, some website services support Internet Explorer only. So, without Internet Explorer, you may meet some problems if you want to use the services which only works in Internet Explorer.

You may have checked the system folder, C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer. There is iexplore.exe, which means there is Internet Explorer. But when you are double clicking this file, it opens Edge instead of Internet Explorer.

There is a way to run Internet Explorer in Windows 11

  • Open Windows Edge Settings
  • Search “Internet Explorer” and you will get several options
  • Enable Internet Explorer mode button
  • Set “Let Internet Explorer open sites in Microsoft Edge” value to “Never”
  • Set “Allow sites to be relaoded in Internet Explorer mode” value to “Allow”
  • Restart Windows Edge

And then there will be an IE icon on Microsoft Edge, which allows you to run the website pages under Internet Explorer mode.

Even though this doesn’t run Internet Explorer, but its mode under Edge, however, you are now able to browse or use IE only website services under Windows 11.

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