How to uninstall Windows 11 updates

This article teaches you how to uninstall Windows 11 updates. Follow the tutorial, you will learn the way to uninstall Windows 11 updates.

Usually if you want to uninstall applications or software, you can do it by searching “Uninstall” in settings panel and get them uninstalled, however, if you want to uninstall Windows 11 updates, there is a special place instead of application list. In most cases, we do not uninstall Windows 11 updates, for these updates keep our devices safe and less errors.

But all programs, which are composed by codes, have problems, including the programs that developed by Microsoft. There were histories that Microsoft released Windows updates which make system crash. And these updates will be reported by the media. So at this time, if you installed that update of Windows 11, you need to uninstall it immediately for data loss.

Uninstall Windows 11 updates tutorial

Open Windows 11 settings and choose “Windows Update” – “Update history”. Of course, you need to find the update history first, and then decide which update should be removed.

Drag the scroll of Update history to bottom, there is a “Uninstall updates”, click it.

And there will be a list of Windows 11 updates for you to uninstall.

But if you don’t know which update costs bugs of your Windows 11 device, usually uninstall the first one which is installed on recent days.

And if this doesn’t work, just recover the system and do the update again.

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