How to turn into Windows 11 Dark Theme

This article teaches you how to turn into Windows 11 dark theme. Follow the steps bellow, you will soon learn how to turn Windows 11 into dark theme.

As we know that Mac/IOS and Android OS are all support Dark theme. Sometimes Dark theme is even better than Light theme. If you looking the device screen hours a day, dark theme will surely be more comfortable than Light theme.

And now Windows 11 has been released. Of course, Windows 11 also supports Dark theme. Let’s see how you can turn Windows 11 from light to dark.

Active Windows 11 Dark Theme Steps

Press “Win” key(next to left Ctrl), and type “personalization“, and press Enter. And then click Themes in Personalization.

Click Contrast Themes.

Choose one of those Dark themes as you wish(to change back, select None and apply), and click Apply.

Seconds later, your Windows 11 will be Dark.

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