How to switch users in Windows 11

This article teaches you how to switch users in Windows 11. Follow the tutorial bellow, you will soon learn how to switch users in Windows 11.

Before you want to switch users, you’d better create more user account for Windows 11, please check this article to create more users. If you have at least two user accounts in Windows 11. Then you can switch the users.

There may exist two situations that you want to switch users in Windows 11:

  • One user has logged in
  • After Windows 11 started

Logged in and then switch

If you have already logged in, you can click the startup menu and find your username at the left bottom of startup menu. Then click the user that you want to switch.

Or simply press ALT+CTRL+Delete, and click the switch user account.

After Windows 11 started

Choose the user account that you want to login.

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