How to switch network profile type in Windows 11

This article teaches you how to switch network profile type in Windows 11. Follow the tutorial, you will learn the way to switch network profile type.

You may not familiar with network profile. But do you remember when you firstly installed Windows 11, the system will asks you if your network is home network, work network or Public network?And once you set, you will never see it again if you don’t connect your device to other network.

I can’t find one cause my computer is a PC in my home, so I have to use a Windows 7 screenshot to replace.

Once you chose one of them, Windows system will set your network profile. And in Windows 11, there are only two types of this network profile Public and Private. This is easy to understand.

Public network profile: Your device is not discoverable on the network

Private network profile: Your device is discoverable on the network.

Public means you are using a public network, so Windows 11 will hide your device in this public network. And Private means you are using maybe your home network, it is safe and necessary to be discovered in home network.

Switch Windows 11 network profile tutorial

Open Windows 11 Settings, “Network & internet” and then “Ethernet”

And now, you can switch your Network profile type between Public and Private.

BTW, you can check your Windows 11 network profile directly at here:

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