How to switch Calculator to all modes in Windows 11

This article teaches you how to switch Windows 11 calculator to other modes, like scientific calculator, graphing calculator, Programmer calculator, Date calculator ect.

Windows 11 calculator is very useful. Most of us use it occasionally. It is a standard calculator when we run it. You can use the keypad to do quick calculations easily. But most of us don’t know that there are more calculator modes, without the necessity of installing additional calculators.

Windows 11 Calculator Modes:

  • Standard. The default mode of Calculator, you can do quick calculations with keypad, including add, subtract, multiply, divide, square, extraction, radical, percentum, MC, MR, M+, M-, MS, etc.
  • Scientific. This mode offers more additional calculations: log, in, n!, (), mod, exp, |x|, 1/x, π, sin, cos, tan, hyp, sec, csc, cot, rand, dms, deg, etc. Very powerful.
  • Graphing. This feature contains two features: Equation mode and Graphic mode. These two modes are designed for professional people in a certain field.
  • Programmer. It offers Bitwise, Bit Shift, QWORD, etc. I am not a programmer, no idea about this.
  • Date Calculation. Choose a start date and an end date, the calculator will tell you how many days between the two dates.
  • Currency Converter. It helps you to calculate the money things with real-time currency exchange rate.
  • Volume Converter. I guess maybe this volume helps the cooking work? LOL
  • Length Converter. Convert the numbers between Centimeters and Inches.
  • Weight and Mass Converter. Covert the numbers between Carats, Milligrams, Centigrams, Decigrams, Grams, Dekagrams, Hectograms, Metric Tonnes, Ounces, Stone, Short tons, Long tons, Kilograms and Pounds.
  • Temperature Converter. Convert numbers between Kelvin, Celsius and Fahrenheit.
  • Energy Converter. Convert numbers between Electron Volts, Kilojoules, Thermal Calories, Foot-pounds, British Thermal units, Joules and Food Calories.
  • Area Converter. Convert numbers between Square Millimeters, Square centimeters, Hectares, Square kilometers, Square inches, Square yards, Acres, Square miles, Square meters and Square feet.
  • Speed Converter. Convert numbers between Centimeters per second, Meters per second, Feet per second, Knots, Mach, Kilometers per hour and Miles per hour.
  • Time Converter. Convert numbers between Microseconds, Milliseconds, Minutes, Hours, Days, Weeks, Years.
  • Power Converter. Convert numbers between Kilowatts, Horsepower, Watts, Foot-pounds/minute, BTUs/Minute
  • Data Converter. Convert numbers between Bits, Bytes, Kilobits, Kibibits, Kilobytes, Kibibytes, Megabits, Mebibits, Megabytes, Mebibytes, Gigabits, Gibibits, Gigabytes, Gibibytes, Terabits, Tebibits, Terabytes, Tebibytes, Petabits, Pebibits, Petabytes, Pebibytes, Exabits, Exbibits, Exabytes, Exbibytes, Zetabits, Zebibits, Zetabytes, Zebibytes, Yottabit, Yobibits, Yottabyte, Yobibytes.
  • Pressure Converter. Convert numbers between Atmospheres, Bars, Kilopascals, Millimeters of mercury, Pascals, Pounds per square inch.
  • Angel Converter. Convert numbers between Degress, Radians, Gradians.

All the mods are listed here. You can easy switch Windows 11 Calculator modes by simply clicking on Menu icon of calculator here:


    • So far as I know, there is no statistical mode in Windows 11. I just checked my Windows 7 computer, there is statistical mode.

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