How to speed up Windows 11 startup?

I believe that many friends have had such confusion. Obviously, the computer was newly bought, and the configuration is not bad, but why is it so slow to start up?

Aiming at this kind of slow Windows 11 startup, the editor will share with you the solution. It only takes three steps to solve it!

Step 1: Enable Fast Startup

Simply press Win key to call Startup menu, and search “Control Panel”

Open the computer control panel, change the view by to [Small icons], and find the power options.

After entering, select [Choose what the power button does] on the left, and then click [Change settings that are currently unavailable].

Then check the box next to “Enable Fast Startup” under Shutdown Settings, and then click “Save Changes”.

Step 2: Initiate failback

Right-click the [This Computer] on desktop and select Properties.

After entering, select [Advanced system settings] on the right, then switch to the [Advanced] tab, and click [Settings] under [Startup and Recovery].

Step 3: Modify the Loading Options

Press the [win+R] key combination on the keyboard to bring up the run window, enter [msconfig], and then press Enter to enter.

Click [General] at the top, then select [Selective Startup], and check [Load System Services] and [Load Startup Items].

Switch to the [Guide] tab, select [Advanced Options], change the [Number of Processes] from the default 1 to 4, or more, and finally click [OK].

A single click on “Exist without restart”.

Then go to Startup tab to select the unnecessary startup items and disable them all.

Finally restart the computer to see the effect.

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