How to solve the problem: Bluetooth mouse keep connecting and disconnecting in Windows 11

This article teaches you how to solve the Bluetooth mouse connecting and disconnecting problem in Windows 11. Follow the tutorial, you’ll solve the Bluetooth mouse auto connect and disconnect problem in Windows 11.

Since Windows 11 is released, people met various kinds of strange problems, especially the hardware problems. Like this one: you may find that your Bluetooth mouse automatically disconnects and connects Windows 11 computer continuously, and you are unable to use your Bluetooth mouse now. This kind of hardware is good or bad to use not only depends on its quality, but also the driver in Windows 11.

If you find a exterior equipment is hard to use in Windows 11 while it is good to use in other systems, it is the problem of driver. Due to the newly released of Windows 11, most hardware manufactories haven’t update their drivers in time. Or even they updated their driver, you don’t know and do no update them. So Windows 11 still use the old drivers for those exterior equipment. And the old drivers works incompatibly in Windows 11. That’s the reason why your Bluetooth mouse turns to hard to use.

For Bluetooth mouse, you may know what its brand is. So to solve the Bluetooth mouse keep connecting and disconnecting problem in Windows 11, you shall go to the official website of that mouse to check if there is any new driver for your mouse and compatible with Windows 11. If there is, then download and install it immediately. And you’ll make your Bluetooth mouse keep connecting in Windows 11.

If there is no updated driver for your Bluetooth mouse, try the following way:

  • Right click on “This PC” and choose “Properties”
  • Click “Device Manager” at the bottom of “System – About”
  • Expand “Mice and other pointing devices”

Check if there is a warning mark on mouse icon.


Warning mark
No warning mark

If there is a warning mark, double click this item, and choose “Update Driver” in mouse Properties.

Then choose “Search automatically for drivers”

Then Windows 11 will automatically search the proper drivers for this Bluetooth mouse. And if there is a better driver, Windows 11 will install it automatically for your Bluetooth mouse.

But if not, I recommend you to try “IObit Driver Booster” to scan the latest driver for your Bluetooth mouse.

And if IObit driver booster still can’t solve Bluetooth mouse keep connecting and disconnecting in Windows 11 problem, the only thing you can do at present is to use an alternative mouse until the mouse manufactory updated its driver for Windows 11.

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