How to share partitions to network under Windows 11

This article teaches you how to share partitions in network under Windows 11. Follow the tutorial, you’ll be able to share partitions to network in Windows 11.

As the time moves, there are more and more computer, laptops, tablets and mobiles in a family. And these devices will be connected under a same network when they are at home. Each device are for different people and purpose. They are independent and united at the same time. Like me, I have a computer, three laptops, one tablets and 6 mobiles in my home network. Before share partitions, my wife bought a movable hard disk to save the documents and files that may be used by her and my kids. when they want to use it, the movable hard disk will be connected to the device that they are using. This is quite old fashion way to share the documents files.

And now I established a NAS server at home for sharing files within my family. However, not every family has a NAS server cause it requires NAS server setup, and some IT skills. So share partitions to network under Windows 11 will be a quick and easy way to share files.

How to share partitions to network under Windows 11

Open “This PC” in Windows 11, right click on the partition that you want to share, and choose “Properties”.

Click “Sharing” on top navigation bar of Properties, and then “Advanced Sharing”

Enable “Share this folder”, and edit a special name for this partition/folder. This name will be displayed in your home network.

There is an additional settings for share permissions. Click Permissions on upper screenshot.

If you wish the partition is readable in network, just enable read permission. If anything that related with saving or changing, you’d better enable Full Control permission. And if you only allow some of users to visit this partition, you shall add the users for accessing permission. This is very important.

How to access shared Windows 11 partitions in network

Now that you’ve shared partition in network, let”s see how to access the shared partition in network by other devices. It’s quite easy to get the shared partition in network.

Open File Explorer, and click “Network” at the left sidebar. And then Windows 11 will automatically search the whole network, checking the shared things. And you can easily choose the one that you want to visit.

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