How to set transparent docks in Windows 11

This article teaches you how to set transparent docks in Windows 11. Follow the tutorial, you’ll be able to set transparent docks for Windows 11, which just like the Mac OS docks.

For the people who used Windows and Mac OS before, they usually love the Docks in Mac OS, transparent, and listed in middle for quick click. I am one of the people who use Windows computer and Macbook at the same time. Since the Windows 11 is released, and it listed the pinned applications or software in middle of taskbar. It is still not as beautiful as MAC OS docks. After the investigation, I finally get a way to make the icons in Windows 11 taskbar looks like Mac OS docks.

There are two steps for you to customize the style of Windows 11 taskbar icons to Mac OS docks:

  1. make the Windows 11 Taskbar transparent

There is a “TranslucentTB” application in Microsoft Store, just search, download and install it. After the installation of TranslucentTB, open it and click Continue button, you will get the transparent taskbar immediately without any additional settings.

After the Windows 11 taskbar turns into transparent, the task icons look like floating on desktop. This looks much more beautiful than before.

2. make the icons in Windows 11 taskbar bigger.

Because the taskbar icons are quite small, and Mac docks are big enough, so we have to figure out a way to make the icons in Windows 11 taskbar much bigger. But after a research, there is no size adjust settings in Taskbar settings. And at last, I have a way to make the icons in taskbar bigger than the default.

  • Simply press Win key and type “registry”, and choose “Registry Editor”
  • Enter the following path and press enter
  • Right click on the main window, choose “New” – “DWORD(32-bit) Value”
  • Name the newly added item as “TaskbarSi”
  • Double click on “TaskbarSi” and change its value data to 2 (0 is small size, 1 is normal size, and 2 is big size)
  • Click the OK button and close the Registry Editor.
  • Restart your computer

After the restart, you will see that you will have the Windows 11 Taskbar icons as beautiful as Mac docks.

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