How to set auto shut down for Windows 11

This article teaches you how to set auto shut down for Windows 11. Follow the tutorial, you can set auto shutdown for Windows 11.

During my computer using period, I never meet the situation when I need my computer automatically shutdown at an appointed time. Maybe because I don’t know how to make it real. But in my mind, it is occasionally useful when you want your Windows 11 device shut down automatically at a scheduled time. So I connect some tips for you to set your Windows 11 device shutdown automatically.

The command for Windows 11 auto shut down

Press Win + R and press “CMD” and input the following code into CMD window:

Shutdown.exe -s -t 3600

3600 means 3600 seconds, 60 minutes or 1 hour. You can change the number as your wish.

After enter key press, you will get the notification that your Windows 11 device will shut down after 60 minutes at the right bottom corner of your screen.

But if you want to cancel the Windows 11 auto shutdown, use the following code:

shutdown -a

By this way, you can easily do the auto shutdown of Windows 11. However, this is a command which requires you put each time. There is a way to create a *.bat file, you can run Windows 11 auto shut down with double click.

  • Open Notepad of windows 11
  • Put the following code into the Notepad
shutdown -s -t 5
  • Save the file as “Shutdown.bat”. (Do notice the file extention is bat, not txt)

PS: 5 means 5 seconds later.

How to set Windows 11 auto shutdown at a specific time?

For example, if your computer is to be shut down at 22:00, you can select “Start→Run” and enter “at 22:00 Shutdown -s”. Then, at 22:00, the computer will display the “System Shutdown” dialog box, which is 30 seconds by default. The clock counts down and prompts you to save your work

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