How to resize partitions in Windows 11

This article teaches you how to resize partitions in Windows 11. Follow the steps bellow, you will soon learn how to resize partitions in Windows 11.

Creating partitions in Windows 11 seems turn into not that important than before. Most users set a whole hard drive as a partition, saving all files in it. This has some advantages, especially you will have no worry about free disk space in this or that partition, unless your hard drive is full. However, this has disadvantage as well. If your system crashes, and if you are no longer able to access Windows 11 system, it’s quite hard for you to backup your important files unless you take off hard drive and connect it as an external hard drive to backup the important files. And then format the hard disk for reinstalling Windows 11.

Anyway, now that partition, this feature, is created, it means some one use the partitions. OK, let’s follow that steps bellow see how to resize partitions in Windows 11.

Steps for resizing partitions in Windows 11

simply press “Win” key(next to left Ctrl), and type “partition“, and click “create and format hard disk partitions

And now you are able to check Windows 11 built-in partition resizer.

If you want to make one partition into two partitions, just right click that partition and click “Shrink Volume

There will be a dialog for you to decide how many spaces in those two partitions.

And then click the “Shrink” button to make this partition into two.

This is the simplest things to create a new partition in Windows 11. I guess you need more instruction to learn how to resize the partition in Windows 11.

To resize partitions in Windows 11, you need to cut space in one partition and add it to another partition. For example, you have C drive and D drive, and D drive has not enough space for your Windows 11 operating system, and now you want to make D drive bigger and C drive smaller. Here you go.

  1. cut some disk space from C drive.
  2. after that, that disk space will change into free volume. And this free volume is next to D drive
  3. shrink D drive, add that free disk space size into D drive.

However, this Windows 11 partition resizer can’t move that free space to, for example, E drive. So you can’t cut space in C drive and add it to E drive. It just do the easiest work for resizing partition in Windows 11.

If your Windows 11 partition resizing plan is more complicated, please check this article “Best Free Windows 11 Partition Resizer“.

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