How to rename computer in Windows 11

This article teaches you how to rename computer in Windows 11. Follow the tutorial bellow, you will learn the way to rename computer in Windows 11.

After installed Windows 11, you will find your computer is named as a hard-to-understand name. With Windows 11 generated name, you can hardly identify the certain computer in network of workspace. So rename your computer in Windows 11 is a helpful thing sometimes when you want to remote connect your computer through other devices.

Take my computer as an example, my computer is named as DESKTOP-CHHG9EG(B250M-EVO) after installed Windows 11. I don’t know the rule for Windows 11 to name the computer, however, I don’t think I can remember this name and find it in my network. If there are more computers in my network, I will surely can not know which is which.

Windows 11 computer rename tutorial

Open Windows 11 settings, choose “System” at the left sidebar. You will see your computer name at the top of main window, and the rename option is just under the computer name.

Click the “Rename” hyperlink, you will get a input window, in which you can enter the name which you want.

Click “Next”, and Windows 11 will ask you to restart the computer to rename the computer.

And there is another entrance for renaming computer.

Right click “My PC” icon on desktop. If you don’t have “My PC”, please check this article to add “My PC”.

Click “Properties” and you can rename your computer in Windows 11 here as well.

Notice: I just renamed my computer, and haven’t restart yet. So the rename this PC option is disabled.

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