How to recover lost data in Windows 11

If you lost your data, like photos, documents or important files in Windows 11. Don’t worry, cause you will have full chance to recover lost files without question if you take the right action.

Why can I have full chance to recover lost data in Windows 11?

Usually, people lost their data due to delete(95% chance), format(4% chance) or hard drive damage(1% chance). In this how to recover data article, you will get 99% chance to recover them all, only except hard drive damage, and at the end of this article, it teaches you how to recover lost data due to harddrive damage.

Where are these lost files located?

No matter your system is Windows 11, 10 or any other system, they do the same operation to save files to hard drive. The system is King, and files are residents. when a king want to find and talke to his man, how does a king know the place of a specific resident? The king will ask a clerk to get that resident. The clerk is the key for King and residents to connect.

Once you deleted some files by mistake, it means the king cut the part of clerk’s memory, and this memory stores where the cut residents live. So the clerk can’t help the king to connect the lost residents anymore, but those residents still live their original places, until the new residents take their places. Before the new residents take the places of old residents, king can get those old residents back, but pays more time.

So if you deleted files by mistake, they are still in harddrive somewhere. And if you formatted the harddrive, quick format(usually), all files are still in harddrive, but the system don’t know what and where they are.

Now that the deleted or formatted files are still there, you, of course, have chance to get them back.

How to gain full chance to recover the deleted or formatted files?

As I told you just now, the deleted or formatted files are still in hard drive. But if you saved new files to that hard drive, those new files may take the place of old files, so that you can never recover the lost data any more.

So the first thing once you find that you deleted files or formatted hard drive or partitions by mistake is shut down your computer, and take off the hard drive, and then connect it to another computer as an external drive.

The tool to recover lost data

I am not any tool’s affiliate or sell any tool of my own. So the only thing is a suggestion to download a data recovery software. There are quite a lot data recvoery on the market. Google “free data recovery software for Windows 11”, download two or three data covery software and install on that other computer, try a free scan, see if they can find the files that you want to recover or not.

If they scans and gives the files that you want, some files can be recovered for free, like pictures, some kind of documents, or free for 2GB files. You will get your files back.

It depends on you that if the files are valuable to reocver for paying those data recovery software for Windows 11.

What if a hard drive damage?

At last, this situation is complicated. If Windows 11 can’t identify this hard drive, data recovery software can’t work any more. At this moment, the only thing for you is to find a manual data recovery service to do the recovery. However, you know, it is very expensive, usually hundreds of dollars. You shall make that choice.


How to recover lost data in Windows 11 is not a big deal, as the lost data recovery technology is very developed.

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