How to quickly encrypt hard disk in Windows 11?

How to quickly encrypt the hard disk in Windows 11, we will have a lot of files, data is stored in the computer hard disk, there are many important files that we do not want others to see, so how to encrypt the hard disk, here is how to quickly encrypt the hard disk on Windows 11 , come and check if you need it.

  1. Simply press Win key and search BitLocker to call the BitLocker Management

2. Select the drive you want to protect and click Turn on BitLocker.

3. Choose how you want the drive to be locked and unlocked with a password or smart card.

4. Choose where you want to save your recovery key in case you forget your password. You can choose to save to your Microsoft account, save to a file, or print your recovery key.

5. You need to choose whether you want to protect the entire drive, or just the used space. This will determine how fast your drive will work after encryption.

6. Now you need to choose the encryption mode you want to use.

7. Congratulations! You made the final step! If you are ready to start encryption, click Start encryption.

Now Windows will work to protect your drive. Once done, only the person with the password will be able to access the drive.

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