How to prohibit automatic upgrade of Windows 11?

This article teaches you how to prohibit automatic upgrade of Windows 11. Follow the tutorial, you’ll see the way to stop your Windows 10 or older version upgrading to Windows 11.

Turn off the windows update service,

right-click My Computer→”Manage”→”Services”→”windows update”,

right-click “windows update”→”Properties”

under the “General” tab, select “Startup Type” as “Disable”, and click “Stop” “, click “Apply”

under the “Recovery” tab, change the three failed options to “No Action”, click “Apply”, click “OK”Close the windows update scheduled task

Find “System Tools”→”Task Scheduler”→”Task Scheduler Library”→”Microsoft”→”Windows”→”WindowsUpdate” in the same column as “Service”.

Click “WindowsUpdate”, on the right side you can see four scheduled tasks: Automatic App Update, Scheduled Start, sih, and sihboot. Click the task name, and then click “Disable” in the “Selected Items” on the right to stop the scheduled task. According to this method, all four scheduled tasks are stopped.

Delete win10 upgrade

Delete the “Windows10Upgrade” folder in the C drive directory

Mine has been deleted, so the screenshot will not be uploaded;

Delete Upgrade Assistant

Delete the “UpdateAssistant” and “UpdateAssistantV2” folders in the “C:\Windows” directory;

The pro-test is effective, and there is no more trouble caused by frequent upgrades.

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