How to preview documents in Windows 11

This article teaches you how to preview documents in Windows 11 without open it. Follow the steps bellow, you will soon learn how to preview documents in Windows 11.

How to Active Preview Panel in Windows 11

To active Preview Panel in Windows 11, you just need to open a file explorer, and click “Layout and view options” on top nav, move your mouse to “Show” and then “Preview Panel”, active it.

After activation of Preview Panel option in Windows 11, you will see a blank area appears at the right of file explorer, and this area is going to display the preview things.

I just made the test, by creating a txt document and a html page, it is easy for Windows 11 to preview these kinds of file types.

And I believe Windows 11 supports Previews of more formats, like PDF, JPG, PNG, XLSX etc.

Now it’s quite easy for us to know what the content is before you open the file.

I rate Windows 11 Preview Panel 5 start.

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