How to prepare for relocation?

For the past two weeks, almost all IT specialists have been thinking about relocation. It implies the movement of business, specialists to another place. Usually in another country. IT companies often offer relocation packages, help with flights, finding housing, placing children in kindergartens and schools, etc. This makes moving much easier.

What if you are a freelancer or work on a project basis? Of course, you can relocate on your own. But the risks in this case are much greater. It is desirable to have experience, a regular customer, as you are financially responsible. A new country means a new environment, new people to which you need to adapt. Especially if she is not Russian-speaking.

Also, people can relocate if their life and health are in danger. In this case, almost no one is preparing to move, but simply moves. I still advise you not to panic, panic is the worst adviser. It is important to understand the consequences, to be aware of what you will do after the move.

There are a large number of cases that need to be completed within your country before relocation.

Check your passports. If your country uses a passport, check the validity period, the availability of free pages. For some reason, it happens that people rarely look at their passports and the passports of their children. If you or someone in your family does not have it, be sure to do it. It is better for citizens of the Russian Federation to issue a passport with biometrics, enough for ten years. When ordered at the place of registration, it will be ready within one month. Otherwise, you will have to wait as many as three.

Check visas and study information about the selected country. If you want to relocate to Europe, make sure you have valid Schengen visas. If there are no visas, it is better to choose a country with a visa-free regime.

Find out more about the country you are planning to move to. It is important to understand how you plan to work, to arrange the life of the family, where to send children, what about the language. Do you have someone to turn to in your new location if needed? Support and advice is very important, especially at first. Over the past month, any country already has its own Russian-language Telegram chat or a channel for immigrants to help, there is a lot of useful stuff there. Find him and ask all the exciting questions.

Find a person to whom you can entrust the affairs of the country you are leaving. Make a power of attorney for a person in whom you are sure. So he will be able to resolve issues on your behalf: financial, related to real estate, transport, and others.

Resolve health issues. Get medical insurance, go through a comprehensive examination (visit a therapist, dentist, do an ultrasound, etc.), go to a hairdresser and a manicurist, etc.

Take care of pets. If you do not plan to take your pets with you, leave them to your family or friends in advance. If you are moving with pets, prepare them for relocation as well. The longest is a rabies vaccination with a month of waiting after. Do it first, and then everything else: passport, chipping, other vaccinations, certificates from the veterinary clinic and from the airport.

Resolve financial issues. Update bank cards, prepare cash. Since March 2, there has been a restriction in Russia. Each family member can spend up to $10,000 across the border.

Get tickets in advance and understand where you will live at least for the first time. For example, in Poland it is now very difficult to find housing due to the large number of visitors. Landlords conduct entire auditions. You can consider accommodation options in small towns. At the same time, people are social creatures, we tend to help each other. Now there are many sites like Airbnb, where you can find free temporary housing for 2-3 days, and after arrival, look for an apartment for the medium term through realtors and local sites. But it is better, of course, to do everything in advance.

Prepare your luggage. Pack your things, measure the weight and size of the boxes, make an estimate for customs. Find a company that performs international transportation, send things to your address.

The main thing is not to panic and plan if nothing threatens you. Choose the direction that best suits your request.

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