How to open EPUB files in Windows 11

This article teaches you how to open EPUB files in Windows 11. Follow the tutorial, you’ll see the way to open EPUB files in Windows 11.

Usually EPUB is a file that created by a certain kinds of software. It is usually a digital book that contains novels, knowledge and stories. In older Windows versions, like Windows xp, 7 and 8, you can directly open EPUB files. However you can’t run EPUB files in Windows 11, which means there is no directly support for EPUB in Windows 11. Most users installed Office in Windows 11, and you can use Word to run EPUB. But it is no longer the style for reading contents like before. It seems that Word integrates the whole book into one page. This is quite upset for us to lose the feeling during reading stories.

Now that Windows 11 doesn’t support running EPUB, so we have to use additional software or app to open EPUB files. Luckily there are quite a lot free EPUB readers for Windows 11.

Do a “EPUB” search in Microsoft Store, you’ll see there are plenty of free epub ebook readers in list. Choose a best ranking free epub reader to run the epub files in Windows 11. However, most of them have advertisement or in-app purchase items. If you can pay for the commercial EPUB reader, that will give you the best experience of book reading.

If you don’t want to pay for the EPUB reader, and still want the best experience of ebook reading, here I recommended to download the FBReader, which is an open source reader. Open source software is a 100% free and no ADs when you are reading, not for commercial purpose.

This EPUB reader not just run EPUB files, but also can create your own books. Though it is now have Premium edition, but the free edition is still quite good enough for every EPUB reader users.

Notice: According to latest information, This EPUB software doesn’t work on Windows 11 any more. I highly recommend you to use free EPUB readers in Microsoft Store.


  1. Jammer dat de informatie niet klopt… FBReader is al sinds 2015 geen open source meer, en de Windows-versie is (nog) niet beschikbaar…

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