How to label partition name in Windows 11

This article teaches you how to label partition name in Windows 11. Follow the tutorial, you will learn the way to label the partition name in Windows 11.

Usually if you want to have some partitions, they must be setup for saving different types of files. For example, one partition for games, one partition for documents, one partition for backup and one partition for Windows 11. Different partitions for different purpose. So rename the partition instead C, D, E, F drive is something useful for you to remember what the partition saves.

It is very easy to rename the partition, which is the partition label in terms.

Open Windows 11 “This PC” or File Explorer to “This PC”, you will see all partitions that you have in this device.

Left click on the partition which you want to label, press F2, and they put the name that you want.

Or right click on the partition, choose “Properties”, and the first item in properties’ window is the label.

Simply click Apply to apply the new label of partition, your partition will be renamed in Windows 11.

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