How to keep your hardware drivers up-to-date in Windows 11?

This article teaches you how to keep your hardware drivers up-to-date in Windows 11. Follow the tutorial bellow, you will soon learn the way to auto update hardware drivers in Windows 11.

In computer, there are quite a lot hardware that need drivers to work properly, such as motherboard, keyboard, mouse, graphic card, audio card, etc. If you formatted your system drive and install Windows 11, Windows 11 will automatically install nearly all drivers. If you upgraded to Windows 11 from other Windows system, and if you installed drivers in previous Windows systems, Windows 11 will inherit the drivers as well.

So from the beginning, you don’t need to worry about installing hardware drivers after you have Windows 11. In my mind, two kinds of computer users want to keep your hardware drivers up-to-date in Windows 11.

  • Users who always want to have better computer performances;
  • Users who have very old computer and want to optimize its running speed.

To keep your hardware drivers up-to-date in Windows 11 not only offers faster speed of computer, but also gives you more stable experience.

As we know that software always have bugs. And version by version, software vendors keep fixing the bugs. Even if they may generate new bugs when they are fixing bugs, however, unknown bugs make your computer safer than the bugs which are known by hackers. This is for security.

In article “IObit Driver Booster Review“, you will see the way to keep your hardware drivers up-to-date, and more features built-in that bring better performances in Windows 11 for your computer

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