How to install Windows Subsystem for Android beta in Windows 11

This article teaches you how to install Windows Subsystem for Android be in Windows 11. Follow the tutorial, you’ll be able to install Windows 11 Android subsystem for running Android apps natively.

Hours ago, Microsoft announced Windows Subsystem for Android beta in Windows 11 has been released to Beta channel of Microsoft Insider program. After a long investigation, I finally know the way to try this feature no matter your computer supports this features if you has already installed Windows 11. It is something important for Windows 11. Let’s see how to do it

Install Windows Subsystem for Android beta in Windows 11 tutorial

Before the tutorial, you shall check if your Windows 11 is Pro or even higher version. Windows 11 Home edition can’t join the Android subsystem installation test, because this system needs Hyper-V. And Hyper-V doesn’t exist in Windows 11 Home.

1. BIOS settings

You need to restart your computer and press “Del” key to enter BIOS settings. Enable the virtualization option like bellow.

Different motherboard has different names and categorized under different tabs. Usually there may be two names on tab: Advanced or Chipset

2. Enable Hyper-V feature in Windows 11

  • Press Win key and click settings
  • search “Turn Windows features on or off” and click it
  • Enable Hyper-V
  • Restart the computer

If you have no Hyper-V in that list, your Windows 11 must be home edition. And I am quite sorry that you can’t have the Android test right now. Maybe you can enjoy this feature after the formal version of Android subsystem for Windows 11 is released.

3. Install Windows subsystem for Android in Microsoft Store

  • Open a page “”
  • Click “Get” button
  • Click “Open Microsoft Store”
  • Click “Get” to install

Notice: If you found that this subsystem doesn’t support your computer, please use the 4 and 5, under, to manually install it.

4. Manually download Windows Subsystem for Android in Microsoft Store

  • Open a website:
  • Change the RP to SLOW
  • Paste “” and click “√”
  • After the analysis, you’ll find a 1.21GB file hyperlink at the bottom of this page.
  • Right click on this hyperlink and copy the link address
  • Download this file by your download tool, like Bitcomet, etc.
  • Cut this downloaded file to the root directory of Partition D. And rename this file to android

5. Install Windows Subsystem for Android in Windows 11

  • Open Microsoft Store, search for “Terminal”, install “Windows Terminal”. Do not launch it
  • Press Win key and search “terminal”, right click on the “Windows Terminal” and choose “Run as Administrator”
  • Input the following code and run it
add-appxpackage "d:\android.Msixbundle"
  • And you’ll be ale to install Windows subsystem for Android in Windows 11.

6. Run Windows Subsystem for Android in Windows 11

  • Press Win key and search android
  • click “Windows Subsystem for Android”

You may see the interface of Subsystem android. However, someone may see a blank page of this app, like bellow:

You need to install the follow the supporting software:

  • Open “Microsoft Store” in Windows 11
  • Click Library and Get updates.

And you will get Windows Subsystem for Android installed

Click the arrow of Files to start the Android Subsystem

7. Install Amazon Appstore

Use the browser to open “” and install Amazon Appstore

Login your Amazon account.

And then you can download and install Android apps through Amazon Appstore

Go to your Windows 11 start, you’ll see the Android apps that you installed.

Notice: your computer region should be United States. And make sure that your Windows 11 has the latest updates.

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