How to fix Windows 11 Snap layout not working problem

This article shows you 3 ways to fix Windows 11 Snap layout not working problem. Follow the tutorial bellow, you’ll see the way to solve Snap layout problem on Windows 11.

In the latest Windows 11, Microsoft introduced the Snap Layouts feature to facilitate working with multiple windows at once. With snap layouts enabled, you can access four predefined windows snap layouts by hovering the mouse cursor over the maximize button in an open window. This feature works for all apps including chrome or edge installed on windows 11, but some users reported windows 11 alignment layout not working. When they hover over the maximize button, the alignment layout doesn’t appear or is lost.

What is Windows 11 Snap Layout?

The Windows 11 Aligned Layout feature allows users to open multiple windows on one screen, and this feature is designed for users who multitask. This feature is enabled by default on windows11, to use the snap to layout feature you have to hover over the maximize button and you will see the snap to layout.

Here’s Microsoft explaining snap layouts and snap groups:

Snap Layouts: Just hover over the window’s maximize button to see the available snap layouts, then click on the area to snap the window. You can also invoke the snap layout popup using the win + Z keyboard shortcut.

Align Group: Align at least 2 application windows on the screen. Hover over one of these open apps on the taskbar to find the Snapshot group, then click to quickly switch back.

How to use aligned layout on Windows 11

  1. Select any application window to use Snap
  2. Hover over the largest window button that appears in the upper right corner. (note; use window + Z as a shortcut)
  3. Select the application window to capture. That’s it!

You can adjust the snapshot layout by going to Settings > System > Multitasking.

Snap layout doesn’t work on Windows 11

It could be a background registry value mismatch or a background service error causing the problem. For whatever reason, if snap windows aren’t working for you, here’s how to enable and use snap layouts on Windows 11.

Make sure Snap Layouts are enabled

Snap layouts are enabled by default on your PC when you install or upgrade Windows 11. But you can disable or enable justified layout on windows 11 by following the steps bellow.

Enable snap layout from settings

• First open windows settings, click the start button, type settings and press enter
• Go to the System category and click the Multitasking tab available in the left pane,
• Now check or uncheck the “Show snapped layout when I hover over a window’s maximize button to disable or enable snapped layout on windows11” box on the right.

Restart your PC for good measure, Snap Layouts should now be enabled on your PC.

Now open the default browser and hover over the maximize button. You will see different layout technology options for arranging the current page with other applications.

Adjust windows registry to enable snap layout

If you are unable to enable Snap Layouts from the Settings app, follow the steps below to adjust the Windows Registry Editor which may help resolve the issue.

Step 01: Open Registry Editor

• Press windows key + R, type regedit and press enter
• Now navigate to the following directory in the application. You can also copy-paste the same in the address bar at the top.


Step 02: Create the EnableSnapAssistFlyout DwORD

• On your right find a value called “EnableSnapAssistFlyout”. If it doesn’t exist, right-click on your right and select New. Select “DwORD (32-bit) value”.
• Type “EnableSnapAssistFlyout” as the name and press Enter on your keyboard.
• Double-click and open the value you just created.
• Set its “Value Data” to “1”.
• Click OK to save the changes.

That’s it! You can restart your PC for good measure, and Snap Layouts should now be enabled on your system.

Windows11 snap layout missing in Firefox

Some users have mentioned that Snap Layouts are missing in Firefox, hovering the mouse cursor over the maximize button doesn’t show up. This is because Firefox users need to disable the title bar that Firefox currently uses to make it compatible with Snap Layouts.

• Open the Firefox browser on your PC.
• Right-click the toolbar and click Customize Toolbar.
• In the lower right corner, you will see the title bar checkbox. Check it and click Finish.

Restart your Firefox browser and Snap Layouts should now be enabled in Firefox on your PC.

Also, make sure your device meets the minimum system requirements to install Windows 11.

The latest Windows 11 requires secure boot and TPM 2.0, with tweaks you may lose features like snap Layouts if you have windows 11 installed on an incompatible system.

If you only have 4 layout options on your desktop then it will be limited by screen resolution or current application.

Also, if you use any 3rd party application (such as PowerToys, Divvy, AquaSnap, MaxTo, Display Fusion, etc.) to manage the layout on your PC, you may encounter situations where the snapshot layout does not work properly on your computer. Let’s first remove any third-party apps with similar functionality and check if the problem is resolved.

Some applications that use their own control boxes in windows are not compatible with Snap Layouts. Apps like Spotify, iTunes, etc. all have their own containers to manage their window size, resizing, etc, and you won’t be able to use Snap layouts because of their own specific control boxes.


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