How to fix Windows 11 lagging issue?

This article shows you how to find the problem which causes Windows 11 lag and fix it. Follow the tutorial, you’ll be able to deal with Windows 11 lag problems without calling help from others or restarting the computer.

Most people may have encountered sudden lags of Windows 11 during daily computer use, and the only thing that you need to do is to restart the computer and do the work after that. Usually if you are not running the software/game which requires a lot of hardware resources, there must be some application(s) met unexpected errors, and these errors caused Windows 11 lags. And this Windows 11 lag problem is actually making your computer extremely slow, just like the 100M internet connection suddenly change to 1M.

We are not talking about Windows 11 freeze, but lags. If it is freeze for more than 10 seconds, you have to restart the computer by pressing the restart button on the computer case, and there is no more solution for that. But for lagging problem, we still have a way to make it fixed immediately.

Nearly all lagging problems cause CPU, Memory or Disk usage 100%. Press “Shift+Ctrl+ESC” anytime once to call Windows 11 Task Manager.

You can see that there is a place that is displaying realtime usage of CPU, Memory, and Disk. If one of them meets 100%, and of course, your Windows 11 system will certainly meet the lagging problem.

Then a single click on the 100% item(CPU, Memory or Disk), all the running applications will be relisted by the usage of CPU, Memory or Disk from high to low. And then the first application must be the crime which takes unexpectedly high hardware resources.

Make this application selected, and click the “End task” button to make it closed. Then you will fix the Windows 11 lagging issue temporarily.

Why temporarily? Cause you may meet the same situation next time if you are running the same application. This application may have internal bugs or be incompatible with Windows 11 system. At this time, you may have the following choices to make it solved forever:

  1. go to the official site of this application, and install the latest version;
  2. do not run it any more, or even uninstall it;
  3. use an alternative application for this one.

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