How to fix the problem: Windows 11 start needs BIOS access and restart

This article teaches you how to fix Windows 11 start problem which guides you to BIOS and restart problem. Follow the tutorial, you’ll soon know how to fix this problem.

Recently here comes a problem: when people turn on the computer, Windows 11 start process will ask users to restart and access BIOS settings of motherboard, and restart the computer again so that you can access Windows 11. The specific actions as follows:

  • Power on the computer
  • Windows 11 asks you repair the system
  • And no matter what you choose, it guides you to BIOS settings.
  • Press f10 to quite the BIOS and restart the system
  • You can finally login Windows 11

The Error code is 0xc000000e. And once you have this problem, you will have to restart the computer for a couple of times when you want to use your computer.

Here is how this problem comes: The battery in your motherboard has no power, you shall change a new one.

Each time when you power on your computer, the motherboard gets electricity, and all settingsof BIOS in motherboard will be reset to the default, something like the time will be set as 1971, or something like that.

It is not a big problem, just take the old battery out and put the new one in.

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