How to fix the problem: Windows 11 device can’t be assigned IP address automatically

This article teaches you how to fix the problem: the IP address assignment error automatically for Windows 11 devices. Follow the tutorial, your Windows 11 devices will be assigned IP address automatically.

Usually, no matter you are using a direct dial Internet connection or a router connection or 4G/5G connection, the Windows 11 devices can be assigned a certain IP address. If not, your device can’t surf on Internet. Now that I used Usually, there must be unusually. At this moment, your device can’t get IP address so that you can’t visit Internet.

The problem comes from DHCP services. The DHCP services exist in both router and your device, making sure they are all activated. Let’s see how to fix no IP address for Windows 11 devices problem.

Solution I – Restart the router

This case is only for the users who are using router to connect Internet, and the devices connect router.

If your device can be assigned IP address automatically before, and suddenly can’t be assigned, just restart the router. Because the router may meet the temporary problem, and a restart will fix that problem. Just disconnect and then reconnect the power, simple to restart.

Solution II – Active DHCP service in Router

Login in your router. If you don’t know how to login, please check the readme of router. Different routers have different ways to login. Choose “Lan setup”(or something like that), and enable “Use Rooter as DHCP server”.

Then restart the router.

Solution III – Active DHCP Client in Windows 11

  • Simply press Win + R, and input services.msc, and press enter.
  • Find the DHCP Client service, see if it is running. If not, enable it.
  • Meanwhile, make sure Wired autoconfig service is enabled.

If these three solutions still can’t help your Windows 11 device to get an assigned IP adress, please set an IP address manually. Please check this article How to customize Windows 11 IP address of network

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