How to fix the problem: WIFI connection disconnected automatically in Windows 11

This article teaches you how to fix the auto disconnection of WIFI in Windows 11. Follow the tutorial, you’ll be able to fix the problem about WIFI auto disconnection in Windows 11.

After more and more users installed Windows 11, some of you met an upset problem: after power on the laptop or computer, the device automatically disconnects WIFI, which connected automatically just now, couples of minutes later. People have to manually reconnect the WIFI, and then Windows 11 will keep the WIFI connection, no disconnection any more. This is not a serious problem, however, because this problem comes each time 5 minutes later after the device power on, so it is a problem that may make users upset.

This problem doesn’t have a clear solution yet. Microsoft may fix the problem later on. The biggest possibility is the WIFI driver is incompatible with Windows 11. So there are two ways for trying to solve auto disconnection of Wifi in Windows 11.

  1. Update your Wifi driver.

Usually for a Windows device, only laptop supports Wifi features, cause the Wifi hardware usually is a must have component for a laptop. But nowadays, for a neat room management, we are adding a Wifi to computer as well. And the driver update is quite easy to solve.

  • Right click on “This PC”, choose “Properties”
  • scroll the System – about to the bottom, and click “Device Manager”
  • expand the “Network adapters”

You will see what WIFI hardware that your Windows 11 device is using. And then Google it for its latest driver, download and install. Do notice: Windows 11 is released at 5th Oct, 2021. If the latest Wifi driver is around this date, download and install it immediately. If it is far from that date, check it another day.

2. Update Windows 11

Try to update Windows 11 to the latest version, Microsoft may have fixed your problem in Windows 11 updates.

3. The network reset (May be the final solution)

  • Press Win key and click Settings
  • search and enter Network & internet
  • Choose “Advanced network settings”
  • Chose “Network reset”
  • Click “Reset now” button

After the reset, reboot your computer and manually reconnect the wifi that you want to connect. It won’t disconnect any more.

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